Vreedhi Foundation Your Needs, Our Priority ! About us We plant a tree
with your name on it.
WIth donation of just ₹ 2K or above Plant a tree Vreedhi Foundation
Slide We regularly feed the hungry Donate a meal with just ₹ 50 or above. Donate a meal Vreedhi Foundation

Together for the world's Vreedhi !

Please help us change lives around the world.
Donate a meal for hungry

Donate a meal for hungry

We feed the hungry at Hanuman Mandir, every Saturday. Donate a meal from your side with just ₹ 50.
Contribute for Hanuman Mandir

Contribute for Hanuman Mandir

Hanuman mandir, upper bazaar needs your help. Uphold your dharma with contributions from ₹ 50
We plant a tree with your name on it

We plant a tree with your name on it

Donate just ₹ 2K and above to get a clean air for your child to breathe tomorrow. Donate to plant.
Help us to uplift a woman

Help us to uplift a woman

What if you can help a women to get a job ? Yes, with just ₹ 50 and above you can do that.
They call us Vreedhi Foundation

We're continuously working for your betterment

Women Helped
Trees Planted

Discover what’s possible when good people come forward to help.

Our lonely efforts might help one person or two but when such efforts are combined for one single purpose, it transforms the society.
We combine every hand which comes out to help. And thus we make a significant in the life of needy.
An employment is the biggest charity for us as it makes a family capable to survive.
Education is a right rather than a charity. However, we help those who couldn't claim it.
Environment safety
We work for betterment of nature and minimising its exploitation to make our further generations possible.
Feeding the hungry
We feed the hungry on a regular basis with a desire to let every stomach receive its basic meal.

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